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Patio Design and Installation

Forget about the living room, who needs one when you have a dazzling patio to entertain guests. From carved, stone walkways to custom-built fireplaces, your patio is a gateway to your garden and yard.

Landscaping Incorporated specializes in hardscaping and patio design that sets the tone for your outdoor living space. There are plenty of options from bluestone to limestone, concrete pavers or brick, so working with the right contractor and designer is key — that’s why Landscape Incorporated is perfect for you.

Custom Designs For Any Space

Whether big or small, Landscape Incorporated can tailor patio designs to your backyard that will not only look amazing, but bring out the best in the rest of your lawn and landscaping.

Types of Patio Installation

  • Natural Stone or Flagstone
  • Patio Pavers
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Choosing the Right Patio Material

Perhaps the biggest decision you’ll have to make during your new patio project will be choosing what type of flooring to use. Here are some of your options:

Natural Pavers and Stone

Natural and man-made pavers and stone can really make your lawn a conversation piece among friends and family. Landscape Incorporated uses the best materials to create a long-lasting patio that saves on repair costs, increases the value of your home and provides you a welcoming space you won’t want to leave.

Pros: Extremely durable and looks the best. Cons: Most expensive material.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

Paving stones have become one of the most popular ways build a patio. Using Techo-Bloc stone allows you to have an amazing appeal and finish to your stone patio, without breaking the bank on supplies. Flagstone pavers by Techo-Bloc is comprised of meticulously sculpted stone. No two stones appear alike, so your patio can have that natural-stone look while keep installation costs reasonable. Techo-Bloc products continue to evolve. With an always growing selection of colors and style, their pavers can fit any budget or design.

Pros: The materials weather very well, don’t crack and are one of the less expensive options. Cons: If not installed properly, patio pavers can settle overtime. With Landscaping Incorporated, improper installation will never be a concern.

Brick Pavers

The best part about using brick on your driveway, walkways, patio or fire pits is its flexibility and durability. Bricks maintain their interlocking system better than poured-in concrete should anything happen to the ground below. Brick also can withstand lots of weight.
Pros: Easy to replace at a low cost. Low maintenance. Maintains color over time. Cons: Rough surface. Porous material that can stain or have mold problems down the line if not cleaned properly.

Why Landscaping Incorporated Is The Right Fit:

  • Over 25 years of experience in hardscape, landscaping, and stone and paver installation.
  • We provide you with a design team to help you build your backyard oasis from eye-catching ideas.
  • Our installers provide unmatched craftsmanship.
  • We look at the big picture, from beginning to end.
  • We install top-quality products like Techo-Bloc for any hardscape project, big or small.
  • Local, family-owned business since 1989.

At Landscape Incorporated, our goal is to bring out the best in your landscaping. Click here to schedule your free consultation today!