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06 Jul Retaining Walls


The success of any hardscape, but especially retaining walls is in the installation. Landscape Incorporated not only uses the highest quality stone and brick materials from Techo-Bloc, but we have 25+ years of experience in designing optimal walls that not only look beautiful but improve your lawn, structurally. As members of the National Concrete Masonry Association, our craftsmanship is first-class. Retaining walls must be built to withstand large amounts of pressure from the soil they are up against.

“Techo-Bloc manufactures the highest quality landscape stones. These outdoor concrete stones are designed with the harsh elements of the outdoors in mind and contain color all the way through for longevity. Techo-Bloc designs, engineers and manufactures concrete patio stones that mimick natural stone slabs, stone garden walls and retaining wall stones that mimick natural stone masonry veneer. These concrete stones are manufactured in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colors to harmonize with any architectural style and color palette.” (


Retaining walls help with erosion control. If your lawn is on a steep slope, you may have difficulty controlling fast running water. Retaining walls slow or block the flow of water to particular areas of your lawn to help with overall drainage. Landscape Incorporated’s design and installation of retaining walls will not only control erosion, but will create a beautiful look to your landscape and ultimately add value to your home. Retaining walls also help with flooding. For more information about the practical benefits of retaining walls, ask your Landscaping Incorporated representative.


Hardscape designs add a ton of attractive qualities to your backyard. Landscape Incorporated’s retaining wall designs can bring a boring, mundane backyard to life. Have a sloped yard? Retaining walls are the perfect solution to create more usable space in your landscape while improving the overall look and feel of outdoor living space.


When it comes to soil erosion, retaining walls are one of the first lines of defense. Indeed, retaining walls have a long, successful history in the fight to save the soil, having been in service since the time of the Roman Empire, and perhaps even earlier still.

Since those times of antiquity, man has found different ways to build retaining walls; many of which are still employed in one way or another to this day. Generations of people have put their minds toward improving the methods possible for constructing these long-lasting barriers.

The purpose of a retaining wall system is to resist the great forces of nature imposed by soil movement and water pressure, protect dwellings and hold back hillsides. Through the years, strides have been made to improve the materials and methods of constructing these wall systems. Before segmental retaining wall systems, you would build a retaining wall by putting in rebar and pouring concrete. You would then have to wait for the concrete to cure before going back to backfill the area.

This process was expensive and not the most efficient use of time. Also, if there was any seismic motion and the ground moved, the wall—or parts of it—came tumbling down. Things have come a long way since then. ( (Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding Magazine/November 2014))




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