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14 Mar Top Tips for Spring Landscaping

With all of this snow we have been receiving don’t you just dream of being in your yard and starting your spring landscaping plans? When March comes around, gardening, landscaping and increasing your curb appeal is on most people’s minds. Here are some tips for you!


Plan out your strategy and time line. Are you going to break it up in phases? What is your budget for your project?

What about critters large and small? Pests such as wildlife, insects, and stray animals can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Plan in advance if you will need fencing, wire mesh, or possibly planting natural plantings can deter and ward off many local pests.

Is spring the right time for this project? Many plants will do better for years to come if you plant them at the suggested times of year. We can help you with this timeline.

What zone are you in? Choose plants appropriate for how much sun, and shade different parts of your lawn receive during the day.

What will happen in a decades time to that tree? Estimate how large the plants will grow at maturity. Pay attention to these, before you plan. Also, do you have enough room for pedestrian traffic? How about how your needs will change as your family gets older?

Who is going to maintain your new landscaping? Landscaping requires maintenance and care. From pulling weeds, watering and pruning, to occasional replacement of dead plants. Hiring a professional gardener or lawn service to take care of your yard will allow you to enjoy it.

Some plants are just more work than others! The beauty of landscaping and gardening is there are plants for every lifestyle, as well as every taste! We can help you decide what will work for your needs.

Be prepared to show us what you like! For some, inspiration comes from looking at neighboring yards, or traveling to other areas of your town to look at landscaping. While others seek inspiration from home and garden publications and satellite television do-it-yourself programs. Often times a stroll through your local home improvement gardening center is all the inspiration to get you motivated.

But it needs to work with your home’s exterior. Your landscaping should be an enhancement of your exterior home. Choose plants that compliment or contrast the colors in your home as well as the architectural time period of your home. A modern and minimalist home may enjoy a modern Zen-inspired landscape, while a Victorian home may have quaint gardens and flowering areas that are typical for the Victorian era. Plan your outdoor landscaping to be in harmony with your exteriors.

Landscaping your outdoor home is one of the joys of springtime, which many people look forward to. You will be surprised how much you enjoy your landscaping once you have planned it in advance.

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